InnovateNG is Africa's leading business support provider for SMEs. We create an enabling/living world for SMEs through our hands-on business diagnostics and support service .


Our brief history. What makes us stand out.

Our Vision

To be the foremost business support provider in Africa.

Our Mission

  • To deliver first class enabled business solutions to small and medium enterprises.
  • To ensure that business owners achieve growth in profitability and productivity.
  • To diagnose and fix business problems and offer business solutions

Our Core values

We value deliverabes that exceed our clients' expectations.


We derive pleasure from your success. SMEs get the best of our services

Business Diagnostics

We help business and business owners diagnose their various business challenge and find a permanent solution

Compliance Reminder

We remind business and business owners on next attention demanding business activities ranging from government compliances to various payments to service delivery.

Business Support

We step in to assist business and business owners to carry out some of their business activities like tax, accounting, legal, administration, digital marketing, I.T. support, human resource, etc.

Business Networking

We network businesses and business owners to the global opportunities so as to ensure that they compete at global level.

Business Growth

We help business and business owners build a strong wall against threats capable of destroying business growth .

Human Resource

We help and advice business and business owners on what to look for in workers and how to properly manage them to ensure 100% capability is derived.


Being successful is not by mouth but people we have impacted positively. We are proud to be.

Questions? We're here to help. Simply email enquires@innovateng.com or call +234(7)051013383 | 08028770081.